♫ Tell Me Why


Die neue Single vom nun erscheinenden Album „Never Enough“ ist „Into The Light“. Vielen wird der Track bekannt vorkommen, denn er erschien schon auf dem früheren Album „In London“. Damals allerdings in einer rockigen Variante. 2022 setzen die Split Mirrors voll auf den 80er Sound.

Release am 04.08.2008


1. Tell Me Why (Radio Edit) - 03:21

2. Tell Me Why (80s Mix) - 05:02

3. Tell Me Why (Club Remix) - 06:05




Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

you're surprised to find me
living on my own
it`s hard to realise
but I won't come back no more
in all the time we`ve been together you just cried
don't wonder why
I move away from here
just say goodbye
tell me why love is changing
tell me why is it gone so far away
tell me why love is changing
tell me why you just run away today
all of my friends them see me comin' round
cos everywhere me go me look around
me and my friend we use to smoke ganja
on the moutain top until we can`t come down
oman say man you just have to stop
when you want to come down from the montain top
and if you see me laughin' on the party tonight
you just know the reason why I feel alright!
but me don't want to give up


  • Veröffentlichung: 04.08.2008
  • Gesamtlänge: 14:26
  • © Copyright: Mothership Music
  • ℗ Label: Trigger Jam Records
  • Genres: Synthie / Electro - Pop
  • Format: mp3 / FLAC / Steaming /Album, Stereo 44.1 kHz