♫ Voices 2016 Remixe


Nach dem Knaller "The Right Time 2016" erscheinen nun am 12.08. brandneue Remixe des nächsten Klassikers „Voices“. Zahlreiche bekannte Remixer unterstützen die Veröffentlichung mit neuem Sound und machen „Voices 2016" in jedem Fall zu einem hitverdächtigen Track.

Release am 12.08.2016


 1. Voices (Flex & T Radio Edit) - 03:12

2. Voices (Flex & T Club Mix) - 07:15

3. Voices (Disco Fox Radio Mix) - 03:35

4. Voices (Disco Fox Extended Mix) - 04:57

5. Voices (Deep House Mix) - 06:41

6. Voices (Adam van Hammer Mix) - 03:36

7. Voices (Jenkki Remix) - 04:50

 8. Voices (Blaze U Remix) - 05:12




there is no way to change time to run or die
all these turning shaodws fading one by one
they don`t care where you running can`t stop anyway
tonight i try to do it till the morning come
do we stay together can`t stop anyway
each night i want to say it i have to get away

voices in the night shadows falling tothe graund
voices in the night i`ve never seen you so afraid
voices in the night shadows falling tothe graund
voices in the night no one will ever undestand

think of that days you`ve spent there thousend years ago
on that foreign planet circles round the sun
do we stay togeter can`t stop anyway
will this be changed tomorrow or shoud i go today




  • Veröffentlichung: 12.08.2016
  • Gesamtlänge: 39:22
  • © Copyright: Mothership Music
  • ℗ Label: Trigger Jam Records
  • Genres: Synthie / Electro - Pop
  • Format: CD / mp3 / FLAC / Steaming /Album, Stereo 44.1 kHz