♫ Dangerous Game


Mit „Dangerous Game“ veröffentlichen die Split Mirrors nun ihren letzten, bisher unveröffentlichten Song als Hommage an Andy Cay. Dabei kommen die Italo-Disco Fans genauso auf ihre Kosten, wie die Synthwave Liebhaber. Beide Versionen bringen einen musikalisch zurück in die 80er Jahre.

Release am 04.12.2020


1. Dangerous Game (Synthwave Single Version) - 03:57

2. Dangerous Game (Italo Disco Single Version) - 03:38

3. Dangerous Game (Synthwave Extended Version) - 06:12

4. Dangerous Game (Italo Disco Extended Version) - 06:08




Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game

there`s so many people living in this world
but some still don`t know what they do to the rest
walls between the nations everywhere you go
revolution`s violence pain and fear again
such a shame that war` still going on

it s`t dangerous game in the land of love
now`s it`s time to change your mind
and the children live in a desperte world
now`s it`s time to change your mind

we`re living in illution`s just to blind to see
I am dreaming of a better place for you end me
dont` be skerat to give some one a helping hand
becourse we all are strangers in a foreign land
we should wake up before it`s just to late


  • Veröffentlichung: 04.12.2020
  • Gesamtlänge: 20:00
  • © Copyright: Mothership Music
  • ℗ Label: Trigger Jam Records
  • Genres: Synthie / Electro - Pop
  • Format: mp3 / FLAC / Steaming /Album, Stereo 44.1 kHz