♫ There Is Something


Mit einer neuen Veröffentlichung. „There Is Something“, erstmals zu finden auf dem Album „In London“ aus dem Jahre 2007, erscheint in einem vollkommen neuen Sound. Fans des Synthie Pop der späten 80er Jahre des letzten Jahrhunderts kommen voll auf ihre Kosten.

Release am 03.12.2021


1. There Is Something (2021 Version) - 03:22

2. There Is Something (In London Version) - 03:32




There Is Something

There Is Something

we all need some time
to find the peace of mind
don`t let children live
in such a desperate world

there is something
I want to change
only one thing
let me explain

we`re living in illusions
and just to blind to see
I am dreaming of a better place
so good for you and me

I see people in the street
dancing to a modern beat
don`t forget that children cry
Still to many of them die
now its time for you and me
save my brothers set them free
save the others set them free
now it`s time for you and me


  • Veröffentlichung: 03.12.2021
  • © Copyright: Mothership Music
  • ℗ Label: Trigger Jam Records
  • Genres: Synthie / Electro - Pop
  • Format: mp3 / FLAC / Steaming /Album, Stereo 44.1 kHz